Many clients continue working with us once the Wireless Optimization period is over. Managed Services or Managed Services Plus offer continuous recommendations for additional measures, features, or other changes for clients who express frustration or challenges with the continual management of their wireless accounts.

OpDecision will monitor monthly wireless billing to understand usage changes,
apply the latest carrier programs and provide a monthly report including:

Audit showing three months wireless activity by carrier

International rate and program strategies for travelers

Contract compliance and billing corrections

Proactive cancellation alerts for unused lines

Suggested rate changes and plan adjustments

Access to customer portal


Managed Services Plus has all the features that Managed Services provides but
adds day-to-day management and end-user help desk support including:

Support available Monday - Friday, 8 am - 8 pm ET

Trouble shooting if device is not working

Ordering new lines or upgrading current users

Repurposing lines with Early Termination Fees

Adding and removing features based on need

Custom email created to submit all requests

The features comparison gives a quick view of our two managed
services options. Both options allow you to confidently continue to
reduce costs and receive wireless support for your end users.


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